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Scarred and Faceless

Excerpt from the poem, Scarred and Faceless from my book, Scarred and Faceless

“…..Excuse the fuck out of me
To think my soul was a factor
Or that my heart should even matter
And who cares if you blabber
To whom
Because I served my purpose
My life is empty and worthless
Unless I’m pleasing you
Let’s face facts
That’s all I’m
to do
Provide a place for you
To bury your insecurities
Relieve your aggression
Ease your mind
And feed your sexual obsessions

No matter how demeaning
Or reckless
You constantly leave me breathless
With your pompous arrogance
Your lack of common sense
Stole my innocence…”


“An amazing collection of poetry that is filled cover to cover with raw emotion and intense feelings. I guarantee you will find some poems in here that you can relate to. Every piece will evoke the emotions of the writer in you, and show you we can all relate. Love, pain, jealousy, heartbreak, betrayal. We all bleed and exist. But we do so together.”

-William Leisey

A poet’s soul laid bare.

“Scarred and Faceless” is a collection of poetry based on the poet’s emotions and personal experiences.

I this collection of poetry to be extremely deep. The author exposed her soul in such a way that the reader couldn’t help BUT to feel her pain. The author’s bonus poem, “Bully”, really exposed the author in such a way vulnerable way that it made my heart wrench for her.

The major theme that I noticed was that the author went through a period of feeling invisible in relationships before she felt visible enough to be in any relationship again.

Overall, I found this collection to be an emotionally laced read.

-La E.K

More excerpts and reviews coming soon!