Because sometimes the sound of trust breaking is the saddest sound ever….


Trust is such a fragile and beautiful thing. Seeing trust grow is like watching a rose bush bloom. When it’s broken, it shatters into millions of the sharpest glass in the entire universe. There is no fixing it. Any attempts leave millions of tiny cuts on the hands of the Trying, the fingers of the Hopeful, and wrist of the Desperate.  Even if you can suffer through all the pain and physical and emotional pain to piece the glass together, it will never be the same. The cracks with always be constant reminders of the pain, what once was, and what can never be achieved again. So why are we cut up from out fingertips to out elbows and wrist trying to piece together what we didn’t break in the first place? What is this urge to fix what’s been broken or whose been broken when the responsibility isn’t ours?

The issue is this, there is a very thin line between overprotection and coddling, neglect, and just right. Overprotection and coddling can lead to glass cuts so deep all the way to the shoulders. There is no way we can be the one to rebuild the trust when we haven’t done wrong or broken it. It’s toxic. It leaves us taking responsibility for someone else and doesn’t help them at all.

Neglect isn’t the way to go either. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to indulge someone who has broken your trust. You have every right to end the relationships right then and there. However, if you are done you have the responsibility to inform the other person. Don’t have them waist deep in cuts in the glass when you have no intention of continuing the relationship. That is cruel.

The “Just Right” approach is what works but there is a very thin line to get there. If you both honestly and truly are committed to rebuilding the relationship, let the betrayer piece together the glass while you work on the frame. Of course, you will still see the cracks, but if it’s worth it, work it.

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