Because sometimes a death wish is a part of the package….


I read a while ago that humans have a death wish.  Not necessarily wanting to die in a literally sense, but just an absence of living. We pay our homage to death by watching hours of TV or Netflix, eating over processed GMO riddled food, not being active etc.  

This is an interesting theory. If humans do indeed have a death wish and kill themselves slowly, I’d have to ask…why? Why is it that we limit ourselves from living full lives? Who, then, decides what a full life is? What stick is life measured by? Are all full lives rich and successful? Or are some humble and humane?

My point being, Stones, live a full life. Live YOUR full life. Don’t let others define what makes you great. I’ve been struggling with that lately. Living inside neat little boxes others have made for me. Well I’m busting out and breaking free. So should you. Be happy, healthy, humble, and humane. Let that be the measuring stick of life.

Until next we talk,

Bleed and Exist,


Scarred and Faceless 

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