Becomes sometimes introductions are necessary…..

Why hello!

I’ve been gone so long I’ve forgotten what you all look like.

Awkward introduction aside,


It’s been awhile. So, I would like to do a proper introduction. 

Hi, my name is Shae. I write under the name S. Hollisway. I am a mommy. That consumes a great deal of my time, considerably. I am also a student. That should take up a great deal of time. I work in between suffering from bouts of mental illness. Im also pretty artsy. I like to crochet and listen to music. Sometimes, I also write.

I like to write. I love to write. I’m passionate about it. I write about the good. I write about the bad. I write about the ugly. It’s easy and it not. It’s necessary. It’s vital to my survival. It’s my having a voice. It’s my way to be heard. Occasionally, I am an author. Rarely, I self publish books and put them on Amazon. Then I regret my decision but am filled with relief at the same time.

I’m simply complicated. I’m human. I’m a a writer. To take this journey called life with me, follow my blog.  Get a ticket. Enjoy the ride.

Until next time

Bleed and Exist,

S. Hollisway

Scarred and Faceless