Because sometimes life gets in the way…..


What would you consider the most important personality trait a person could possess?

I used to think it was being Genuine. I thought that if I was the naturally trusting and kind person that people would respect and like me. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that Disney Channel and Nickelodeon had drastically skewed my expectations of real life. People don’t change. Especially, not Queen Bees and Cool Boys.

Then I was convinced it was Honesty.  I thought that if I was an honest person, then everyone would like me, because who likes liars? But being honest, well that didn’t get me anywhere either. No one actually values honesty, people want compliance.  People want to hear how good an article of clothing looks on them. They don’t want to hear that purple doesn’t compliment them or that they need a size 10, not a 6.

So then I was convinced it was being Strong. When you are strong, no one can touch you. Nothing can stop you, nothing can hurt you. You become a robot. So, I figured I’d never feel pain. What a lot of people don’t tend to realize is that if you become too strong, you become a rock.  You become hard, unfeeling, void of compassion and empathy. As cool as that facade is, it doesn’t stop the hurt. The only thing it does is lock it, tight, until you implode. And unfortunately, the imploding is inevitably loud and messy. Some are even big enough to destroy cities, and some neighboring towns.

In my 22 years of being, I have found that the single most important character trait to possess in order to survive is the ability to adapt. Especially, when wave after wave of crisis hits you one, after the next, after the next. To survive, adaptation is essential.  I’m pretty sure someone theorized something to that effect¹.  A wise thief once said, Never count on plan A. There are too many variables, too many moving parts. Count on, Plan G and then clean it up here and there and make it pretty.² Anticipate every contingency and have a counter contingency in place. Those who never learn to adapt inevitably fall by the waste side.

Just something that’s been plaguing my mind.

Until next time stones,

Make a real connection with someone

Change someone’s life for the better

Forgive to heal your soul

Find a way that works for you

Watch the world implode with a drink and a friend

Learn to adapt


Exist and Bleed,

S. Hollisway

Scarred and Faceless

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