Because sometimes is humor is necessary to survive + project plans and update……

DISCLAIMER: Please excuse my inconsistency, I’m going through a few health problems.


So my dad and I have a running joke. Anytime our physical wellbeing is threatened (which is quite often then what woul be considered “normal”)  we say that we will get super drunk and wait by the door. Some may find this distasteful or morbid and sometimes it might be very true considering the situation.

Being younger and plagued with intense dibiliating anxiety and PTSD I felt the nurge and need to be prepared for every preceived and impending “DOOM”, whatever it happened to be at that moment. Maybe age, time, and hardships have made me cynical, or I’ve finally developed the tough skin that had been the solution suggested to me since I was five. It depends on whose reading my narrative at the time. Either way, the sky is always falling. (Don’t believe me, how else can you explain how Leverage was cancelled after just five seasons and yet an ignorant, arrogant, unintelligent reality TV Star has been entrusted to run a country.) Seriously, the list goes on and on people. My point being, the days of blissfully burrowing our heads in the sand are over. I’d like to say be prepared, but any parent of a toddler will tell you can never be totally prepared for what an angry entitled toddler is going to do in a day. So we are pretty much royally fucked in that department.  Take everything with stride and a shot of E & J. I mean distruction has to have some high points…like a really huge pretty bonfire.


So here is an update as it protains the actual writing bit of like because I am more than just a vocal skeptic and cynical mother, I write books too 🙂 .  I am in the process of rereleasing my first small poetry collection entitled Scarred and Faceless. I’m just debating if I should self publish again or go through an actual publishishing company. So, yeah I have a huge pro/con list about that. Any seasoned authors any imput would be greatly apperciated.  The second thing that I have been doing is working on the second book, Just Checking In. This is a lot more personal than the first book, which sounds crazy because the first one is poetry, but this is like an explanation as to why I’m so screwed up so…yeah more personal.


Until we meet again,

Make a real connection with someone

Change someone’s life for the better

Forgive to heal your soul

Find a way that works for you

Watch the world implode with a drink and a friend


Exist and Bleed,


Scarred and Faceless

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