Because sometimes Disney (and Dads’) get it right…..

“I’m not the mistakes that I have made. Or any of the things that cause me pain.” -unknown artist


The quote above is from the musical score of a movie that I can not remember for the life of me. Don’t you hate it when that happens?


Have you seen the newest Disney movie,  Moana ? For those of you haven’t seen it, you are missing out. For those of you who have, well I think we can all agree that it’s one of Disney’s top 5.  Don’t want to give away the plotline for the poor unfortunate souls that haven’t seen it. What I will say is that the layers in the movie are just amazing.  One of the memorable scenes in the movie is when Moana and Maui finally return the heart to Te Fiti. As with every Disney movie, the climax was so dramatically beautiful. Before replacing Te Fiti’s heart in the spiral, she tells (sings to) her that she knows that they stole her heart but that her being “heartless” doesn’t define her. The situation that harmed her or caused her pain doesn’t define who she is as a person.  

Now where have I heard THAT before….

I met my father four years ago.* When we actually had a chance to talk while we were driving around he says that I was nothing like what my mother describes me as. I was throughly confused. Apparently, whenever they spoke of me it was always about my various health issues. I told him I did have a lot of health issues and he told me that there was way more to me than just that. 

Four years later….

Whenever I come to my dad with issue is typically always the same type of issue. 

Dad, I can’t do that. I’m too [insert insult here]



Funny looking



Not good enough 

His response is always the same.

Stop all that. Why can’t you?

Yeah, your different from all those other d**kheads out here

That ain’t you, man, that’s other people telling you that s**t.

Okay, so this is your life it’s not a movie. Find a healthy way to cope. 

Alright, you in a funk now but don’t stay there too long. Get on your grind, little man needs you. 

You strong Shae, you got this. I’ll be right here to help anyway I can. Just don’t give up.

A bit hard to argue with, huh? Yeah, I’d say so.  He’s one of those guys where he’s not super menacing just physically. He has a presence though, it’s fills a room and seeps out of the cracks because it’s so powerful. Anything I’m faced with, I’ll go to him to see if I can handle it and there’s hasn’t been anything I couldn’t do.  And when I need a little extra help or motivation, my father is always my wings to keep me going and my son is always the wind beneath them to keep me up.  I love my father. If your reading this, thank you for being here and staying. 

Until we meet again, make a real connecton and change someone’s life for the better.

Exist and Bleed,


*In case there is any confusion, the dad mentioned in this post is not my bio-father.  But he’s been here consistently and blood couldn’t make us any closer.

Piece by piece he collected me up off the grown where you abandoned thing. Piece by piece he filled the holes that were burned in me at 6 years old and you know, he never walks, he never asks for money, he takes care of things, he loves me. Piece by piece he restored my faith, that a man can be kind and father can stay.

-Kelly Clarkson

Scarred and Faceless

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