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I’ve probably been writing my entire life.  I was always told that I should make a living off of my craft; that I should write full time and focus solely on writing as a solid career choice.  That has to be one of the most frustrating things for any artist to hear.  Being an artist in itself is a very frustrating profession.  Whether you write, draw, paint, sing, design clothes, dance, tattoo, act, or any other artistic medium, the artistic process can’t be rushed.

I’m sure a lot of people won’t understand, especially with the recent speed of music being put out, clothes being sold, books being written, videos being published, tattoos being designed, etc.  There is a difference between mass production and artistry. That’s not to say that the artist isn’t  happy with what they mass produce. Actually, I can’t speak for all artist because every artist and every medium is different and so is each individuals process to approaching their art. I can only speak for me.

In my opinion, the purpose of mass production is for financial gain. In addition to loving to write, I also enjoying crocheting in my spare time. For me, it’s not just about the finished product. It’s the process of studying the pattern, picking out the perfect yarn color and perfect yarn weight. I love seeing an afghan, a hat, or a teddy bear slowly but surely being stitched together beautifully. If I decided to sell my crocheted goods, I would no longer be making them for me, but for customers. I’d be going off of their color choices, their yarn types, their designs. I’d no longer be watching my own creation come to life, I would be creating one for someone else.  The quality wouldn’t slip but the my “character”—-or something more dramatic—-would be missing. The same would be with writing. I’ve written papers, poems, and short stories for school. They were written well enough to get good grades, but it lacked my “character”. No, not “character”,  my Essence. An Essence of me that would give the piece…sentimental value, if you will. I don’t know really, I’m an artist and we are all dramatic nature and craft.

I say all of that to say this; I can write if I have to. But to write when I’m inspired, to write because someone else story is burning inside of me; to write because my voice isn’t loud enough to scream; to write because the words I pen could help someone heal; that is the most indescribable feeling ever.  The process is raw and messy and challenging and gut-wrenching but on the other side, it’s peace. Even it only lasts a few fleeting moments, the mere thought is steadying.

Until we meet again, make a real connection today. Change someone’s life for the better.

Exist and Bleed,

S. Hollisway


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