Because sometimes being sociable is absolutely necessary….


How awesome would it be if we could exist in solitary without going crazy? However, humans are not solitary creatures, hence why solitary confinement is the most effective (and most cruel) method of torture. But I digress.

So, if you looked at the about me page I gave a very brief and vague explanation as to why I write. In short, I write to not only find my voice and begin to heal, but also in the hopes that I will help someone else find their voice and help them heal.  However, how will I ever see if I’m achieving my goal if I don’t make my self available for, well anything (questions, comments, concerns, rants, raves, criticism)?

So, I set out once again to in my quest to determine the usefulness of social media besides killing time. I mean sure, the most argued reason is to keep in touch with people.  Sure, people use social media to keep in touch, but on a strickly superficial level…just checking in. As if being truly vulnerable is a crime or weakness or a fatal character flaw. Again, I digress.

So my quest is to make being vulnerable an everlasting trend, or a revolving door.  My goal is to enter back into the author world of actively dreaming, writing, rewriting, editing, publishing, releasing and repeating.  The last book I released was August 2015 so I’ve taken a bit of an hiatus. My hope is that by inviting you all with me on this process, it sparks….something resembling an ember of genuine conversation. That maybe you’ll connect with me, I’ll connect with you, you will connect with each other and we’ll form a village.  A village of *Stones.  

Until we meet again, make one real connection today. 

Exist and Bleed,

S. Hollisway
*Stone: Reference to Alessia Cara song, Stone. It refers to grounding someone in a world of uncertainty. Writing grounds me. You guys are my stones. 

Oh steady me, be my source of gravity, when my world’s unraveling, say you’ll never change.  I will follow where it takes me. My tomorrow left to the unknown. When all is shaken be my safety. In a world uncertain say, you’ll be my stone.

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